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College and Career Advising

Simplifying the complex college search, application and financial aid process for students and their families

This mural was created by Em Jiang, a former client. It is her artistic reflection on her college journey. She is now an artist living in Brooklyn, NY, after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design



YOU ARE THE CONSUMER: Let me tell you why

The college application process has become complex and disorienting-in large part due to overt marketing and the pricing models that many colleges employ; it has changed drastically in the last thirty years. Students are marketed to by colleges, standardized testing and prep companies and other third-party vendors. It is difficult to determine what the net price of a college will really be. It leaves most students and families feeling overwhelmed and, often, paralyzed.

The reality is that it can be one of the most empowering experiences of a teenager's life if approached authentically and thoroughly. There are MANY colleges that are a great fit for every student: many of which you may not have even heard of. My job is to get to know you, as the student, and give you the facts so we can create options from both an acceptance and financial aid perspective: to make you and your family educated consumers. Let the journey begin!



Experienced College Advisor with a passion for helping students and families navigate the intricacies of higher education and for supporting all students, including the most vulnerable, to not only reach college but to graduate.

Graduated from UCLA Graduate Extension with a certification in College Counseling and from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a BS in Journalism. Privately consulted since 2014. Worked at Reno High School from 2015-2020 as the College/Career Advisor. Member of NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling)


Stephanie is incredibly gifted at working with teenagers, understands the nuances of this age group, and both my boys thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is honest, professional, pleasant, approachable and open-minded. She was wonderful at putting all of us at ease. She has a way of thinking outside the box, and at the same time, honing in on a solid plan. Stephanie has refined the college search process, has a deep understanding of the system, and a solid working knowledge in helping fine-tune the right fit for the student.

The college search process can be very confusing and overwhelming and it was a great blessing to have Stephanie on our side to see us through the process. I highly recommend Stephanie to both parents and students to assist in building a successful college strategy and have the student land right were they should be.

Theresa Bruno



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